PV Solar Systems harnesses the energy of the sun to power your home. Aztec Heat Pumps installs a system tailor-made to suit your needs, serving customers in Suffolk and across East Anglia.

PV Solar Panels

How does a PV Solar System work?

The sun’s rays are absorbed on the roof (in most cases) by Solar Cells that convert sunlight into electricity. An example that everybody will recognise is the small PV Solar Panel on the front of some calculators! 

Many Solar Cells are connected together to form a Solar Panel. The amount of electrical energy a Solar Cell can produce is measured in kilowatt peak or kWp.

The electricity produced by PV Solar Panels is not suitable for use in our homes at this point, the next stage of the process is to change the electrical current from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) which can then be used in our homes. 



Reliable with low maintenance when designed and installed with care.

No running costs and give a considerable saving particularly with an all-electric building.
High power concentration requiring a small roof area.

Government Financial Incentives

PV Solar Systems don’t qualify for the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Although have a great return on investment. These systems quickly lower electricity bills.

Quality Installation By Us

As an installer, we stay up to date with the latest equipment available on the market and advise you as to your most suitable option. You can rely on us to install a robust and reliable system guaranteed to provide a premium service with low maintenance, including quality hot water cylinders. We use Joule cylinders, Viessman, LG, Mitsubishi Heat Pumps, and other high quality manufacturers.

What you can expect

Ours is a beginning to end service – including all documentation for the DNO through to the RHI application. In the case of a new build, get in touch with us early to help plan your installation and ensure it goes smoothly.

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