Aztec Heat Pumps expertly install ground source heat pumps across Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. So how do they work?

Energy is extracted from the ground, which gains its energy from the sun and rain. The pump transmits the energy into the building, where it heats both the hot water cylinder and the rooms.

Either radiators or alternatively an underfloor heating system can be used together with this type of pump.

Carefully installed by us, ground sourse heating will run reliably with little maintenance and can supply up to 4.5kWs of heat energy for every kW of electricity.

3 Hydraulic Systems Extract This Energy


Closed Loops of pipe laid in trenches giving out /back runs, filled with glycol (brine circuit).


Closed Loops of pipe running up/down in bore holes, filled with glycol.


Called an Open Loop energy is extracted from water from underground or lakes using a plate heat exchanger. Great care must be taken when designing these.



20 years expected life, reliable heating system, low maintenance.

Stability throughout the year, as the ground temperature from where the energy is being extracted changes little during the winter.
Lower cost to run compared to other heating sources including gas cylinders, oil and electricity, and can be compared with the cost of mains gas.
Installing pumps as the heating source for a new building will mean you avoid the initial high cost of a gas connection, but benefit from similar running costs following installation, considering for a new build it will avoid the high gas connection costs while giving similar run costs.

Government Financial Incentives

A ground source heat pump qualifies for the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive, applying for domestic and commercial installations.

Premium Quality Equipment Installed By Us

As an installer, we stay up to date with the latest equipment available on the market and advise you as to the most suitable option for your property. As a company, we have strategic partnerships with our suppliers are in direct contact with the likes of IDM, Samsung UK and Viesmann. We install systems which provide reliable and robust service with little need for maintenance, including engineered hydraulics and hot water cylinders.

What you can expect

Ours is a beginning to end service – including all documentation for the DNO through to the RHI application. In the case of a new build, get in touch with us early to help plan your installation and ensure it goes smoothly.

Case Studies

Looking for inspiration? You can see more recommendations on our testimonial page. Please get in touch if you would like to speak to our customers or visit them to see our work.

Janus – Replacement a heat pump previously installed with a Viessman Vitocal 300 to give an efficient, functional & reliable solution with the RHI covering all the cost. Running off vertical bores in a city environment.

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