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A highly efficient and eco-friendly air source heat pump system from Samsung Electronics was the commercial heating solution for local UK business Peregrine Live Food, an insect breeding plant based in Harlow, Essex.

As a business that runs and relies on a consistent temperature of internal heating to breed insects for the pet food market, when faced with a significant construction of the two story and 17m square factory, with six 11x6m breeding rooms, a new approach to heating was critical for Peregrine Live Food.

Previously the breeding rooms which house the insects were heated using oil filled radiators causing a number of problems, including high running costs, intensive labour requirements to check and reset the thermostats daily, and inconsistent heat across the rooms. The insufficient heating resulted in varied growth rates of the insects requiring increased labour to continually move the breeding boxes around.

To overcome these problems a system was designed by Aztec Heat Pumps with assistance from The Energy Lab and Freedom Heat Pumps.  The solution included installing a pair of high performing and economical Samsung 16kW EHS Air Source Heat Pumps, heating a 1000-liter buffer tank to 48C.  Each of the breeding rooms had eleven 1200×600 radiators installed with independent circuits taking energy from the central buffer. Each circuit is controlled by an ESBE GRA111 blending valve, reading temperatures at four locations on the system providing a consistent heat required by the factory.

Temperature within 0.5 degrees
The project was taken on to heat three rooms used for the insect breeding process within the factory and required to be kept within 0.5 of a degree at all times.  The Samsung 16kW EHS Air Source Heat Pumps installed are eco-friendly, compatible with green energy systems and are highly efficient using an all-in-one system with high performing heat pump technology, ideal for an environment requiring such precision heating.

Weather compensation feature
The Samsung 16kW EHS Air Source Heat Pump system met all requirements, being compact, quiet and energy efficient, along with features and controls that suited this unique business. The weather compensation feature of the air source heating was introduced as the seasons changed and summer arrived, with the system bringing the buffer temperature down to prevent the breeding rooms temperatures from over running.  This allowed the breeding rooms to be controlled at 33.4C with a consistent and even temperature across the room ideal for the insect breeding facility.

“Peregrine Live Foods faced a challenge in sourcing the most efficient and cost effective solution for heating their insect breeding factory,” explained Paul Brooks Director of Aztec Solar Engineering.  “When taking on this project, we understood the requirements for a high performance and economic heat pump technology and believed Samsung’s range of EHS Air Source Heat Pumps would be ideal for this business.  The Samsung heat pumps ultimately solved all the limitations of the original and expensive method at a much lower electricity cost and higher performance.”


Further info found at http://www.heatpumps.media/features/heat-pumps-new-approach-is-critical-for-insect-breeding


Richard Nation – Peregrine Livefoods –

I had spent considerable time looking for a heating solution for my insect breeder facility; a solution that would give me accurate and effective heating with a simple and cost effective running solution.

Once I had spoken with Paul from Aztec I knew that I had found the person who understood my needs perfectly. He designed a straightforward and simple heating system that was capable of controlling the temperatures of my breeder facility, which needs to be maintained with a tolerance of +/- 1C, no matter what time of the year.

The installation was carried out in a very timely manner and to an extremely high standard of workmanship, with constant feedback on how the build was going, any problems that came up and solutions to work round them.

Even after the build Paul remains in contact to ensure that the system is working as I want and has visited site to help me with a couple of issues that I have had.

From design, through installation and after sales service I have been 100% completely happy with Paul and Aztec. I would strongly recommend him to others who are looking for a cost effective, simple yet effective heating solution.


For further information go to http://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(aztec-solar-engineering-ltd)_657221.htm