How to Save Money with a Heat Pump

Having a heat pump installed in your home or business can be an extremely sensible investment and save you money compared to many other types of fuel. Aztec Heat Pumps specialise in ground and air source heat pump installation throughout Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. Here we take a detailed look at the type of savings which can be made with each type of pump.

Lower Running and Maintenance Costs

Both air source and ground source heating systems are cheaper to run than electric or oil-fired central heating systems, and gas cylinders. Figures show they are as cheap to run as a mains gas system. These types of system do still need electricity to operate the pump, but far less than you would use otherwise.

Air and ground source pumps are both easy to maintain, requiring only a simple annual check. As both types of pump have a lifespan of around 20 years, they should last longer than a conventional boiler. At Aztec all our heat pumps come with a guarantee or warranty, with the exact type depending on the brand we install.

Both Types Save You Money

Air source heat pump installation costs will be lower, as they simply need a wall to be attached to and space for a good airflow. Ground source pumps need room for a network of pipes, usually installed in a garden.

However ground source heating systems are more efficient of the two, as their energy comes from the ground rather than the air. Because the ground temperature is less likely to dip in winter months than the air temperature, this means the pump needs to use less electricity to heat the water up. You can therefore expect to achieve more savings on fuel bills. Installation costs can be reduced further if your heat pump is planned in at the design stage, for example in a new-build property.

A Boost for Businesses

Heat pumps can offer businesses the chance to make big savings. Many companies have separate buildings on the same site, or operate from different locations, so any savings can be magnified.

As well as keeping employees warm in winter, they can effectively act as air conditioners in the summer months, because the pump’s circuit is fully reversible. This helps create a much healthier atmosphere to work in, so there is likely to be less time lost through staff sickness. It also saves space, because you will not need any fuel storage facilities on site. Pumps offer a very safe source of fuel, because there is no combustion involved, meaning the risk of fire is reduced.

The Renewable Heat Incentive

The RHI is a government initiative which is aimed at encouraging people to invest in environmentally-friendly heating systems, and this covers both air source and ground source heat pumps. Households who have had pumps installed currently receive quarterly payments for a period of seven years, while for commercial premises this is over a period of 20 years. This means you can save on your fuel running costs, and get some money back too.

The exact amount of money you receive will depend on the type of renewable technology you have had installed and how many kw/H of power you generate. At Aztec Heat Pumps we will be able to help you with your application for RHI payments.

Aztec Heat Pumps, (link: http://www.aztecheatpumps.co.uk/) are based near Saxmundham in Suffolk, within easy reach of Ipswich and Woodbridge. We install ground and air source heat pump systems in homes and businesses in Essex, Norfolk and throughout East Anglia. All our work is carried out to very high safety standards. If you are considering having a heat pump installed, we will be happy to talk to you about which one is best for you. Follow the link above if you would like to learn more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]